The concept

The Caribana Festival is about to celebrate its 30th birthday. Since the beginning, it has always been a modern and avant-garde festival, in tune with new technologies and current trends. This year, the festival wants to make a big splash opening its doors to a different public. We are proud to present to you our new concept: the e-Caribana.

Organised on Sunday, 21st June (last day of the festival), this innovative event will mainly be a big Nintendo’ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament. It will certainly be a turning point in Caribana’s history but also in gaming’s history as it will be the first ever outdoor tournament.

During the day, two tournaments will take place simultaneously: a professional competition with the world’s best players and a second one with amateurs.

To help us organise the world’s biggest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate invitational open air, we are supported by our partner Andros and by the Swiss Esports Federation (SESF). For more than 10 years, the SESF has supported the Swiss eSports scene and they look forward to hosting the biggest events stakeholders entering the eSports world.

Rest assured, Caribana festival will still hold four amazing days of music before this brand new event.

Professional tournament

32 of the world’s top players will make up this tournament. MkLeo (#1 World), Glutonny (#1 Europe), QuiK (#2 Europe) and Mr. R (top 10 Europe) have already confirmed their presence. Other players will be announced soon. A CHF 10’000.- prize pool will be divided between the 8 best players of the competition.

Qualifier tournament

To compete against the world’s best players, 8 players will be chosen during an amateur qualifier tournament that will occur before the festival. Information and booking available soon.

Amateur tournament

The amateur tournament will take place on Sunday, June 21 starting at midday. 128 players will make up this double-elimination competition. The top 8 will receive prizes. Registration for the amateur tournament opens Thursday, 13th February. Players eliminated will have the opportunity to take part in a ladder tournament.

Lost Frequencies DJ Set

What would e-Caribana be without music?
After the prize giving ceremony, Belgium DJ Lost Frequencies will close the festival with a DJ Set.


In addition to the tournaments, plenty of activities will be organised during the day such as retro gaming, a silent party, a huge Just Dance on the lake stage and a cosplay contest.

Main players confirmed

  • MkLeo (#1 World)
  • Glutonny (#1 Europe)
  • QuiK (#2 Europe)
  • Mr. R (Top 10 Europe)


e-Caribana tickets are available in the same points of sale as regular Caribana tickets.

Conducting the tournament

128 players will take part in the double-elimination tournament. Matches are best of 3, the first player to win the first 2 games wins the match. The rules are: 3 lives, no time, no items, stage list.
Players losing a game will proceed to the losers bracket in which they will need to win every match to reach the final against the winner of the winners bracket.
Players that cannot make it to the final (which means they lost two matches) will be able to participate to a ladder tournament. That is a matchmaking which allows you, using your smartphone, to find an opponent at your level. In case of victory, you climb up the ranking.