Security and prevention5 / 5

You will find all necessary information prior to the Festival on the Caribana Festival website. For additional questions, please use our contact form. The Caribana Festival occurs every year at the beginning of June. It is located on Leman Lake shore next to the harbour of Crans près Céligny, 20 minutes away from Geneva and close to the city of Nyon.


Les conditions d’entrée au festival seront fixées en fonction des règles prescrites par le Conseil Fédéral au moment de la manifestation.


Raising awareness of the risks associated with alcohol abuse is also a concern of Caribana (which has signed the Festiplus charter). This is accomplished via training sessions for bar staff and with the establishment of a free bus system to reduce driving under influence (more information in the transport section).


The noise level can reach 100 decibels during concerts. Protect your ears with earplugs available at the Festival entrance and at the following locations on site:

  • Information booth
  • From information volunteers (orange jackets)

For optimum protection of your children’s ears, we recommend that you equip them with hearing protection appropriate for their age and morphology. Even short-lived exposure can cause irreversible damage to the auditory system of your children.


During the festival, you will find programs, ear plugs and all relevant information directly at the information booth. Information Volunteers (yellow jackets) present at the entrance and on the ground are also at your disposal to answer any question.


The security service comprises some sixty volunteers permanently present on the festival site. They are at the disposal of the public for any information, guidance and of course for the safety of everybody.
In order to preserve a festive atmosphere within the Caribana festival, it is strictly prohibited to enter the festival premises with drinks, drugs or other prohibited substances, weapons (firearms, knives, etc.) or any other object that can be used as a weapon, cameras, video or audio recorders. The festival reserves the right to ban other objects or substances.
For the security of all, a systematic control of bags as well as random searches will be made at the entrance of the festival.


Throughout the festival, an infirmary with health professionals (doctors, nurses and paramedics) is available when needed. Several health patrols, easily recognizable thanks to their yellow jacket, will be permanently present in the field.


In the event of an evacuation of the festival, please follow the instructions of our security staff and go to the nearest emergency exit in an orderly fashion. Emergency exits are indicated by official green signs.


A festival is the favourite playground for pickpockets! We advise you to keep your valuables close to your body (wallet around your neck for example). In addition, we advise you to leave all superfluous and unnecessary cards and documents for the your night at the festival at home.