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Installée à Nyon, Andros est une entreprise familiale aux valeurs humaines fortes et au savoir-faire fruitier exceptionnel, qui aime partager sa passion des produits naturels, sans concentré ni additifs. Ses purs jus et ses cocktails aux goûts incomparables offriront un nouvel espace de détente au bord du lac et aideront les festivaliers du Caribana à faire le plein de vitamines !

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Specialist regarding the first and the second pillar pension schemes as well as real estate, management of pension institutions and investment funds, Retraites Populaires provides individuals, businesses and institutions with a platform of competencies and all its know-how. Retraites Populaires is committed to promoting cultural activities, sports and art by supporting various events everywhere in the canton of Vaud.


1664 is a french beer brewed in Alsace since the year 1664. Thanks to its refined taste coming from the use of strisselspalt, also called the “caviar of hops” by connoisseurs, this beer has many adepts in Switzerland. 1664 truly evokes the French “savoir-vivre”. 1664 is distributed in Switzerland by House of Beers, an entity which specializes in prestigious international beers.

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Loterie Romande distributes all of the profits it makes to thousands of organisations working for the good of the community in the half-dozen cantons of French-speaking Switzerland. Its public-interest mission, encoded into Loterie Romande’s genes, is founded on a business model that is unique worldwide.Every day, Loterie Romande distributes over CHF 500,000 for works for the public good. The funds allocated are split into different fields of action: social welfare, culture, sport or Environment.

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