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Caribana begins in 1989 on the property of the port of Crans, when a group of friends decided to organise a musical event. This first edition, completely free, offered a warm and tropical Saturday night… Caribana was born.

The Festival has suffered only a one-year of interruption in 1991, when the organizers were asked to organise the festivities of the 700th anniversary of the Confederation. Because of its warm and convivial character, the event quickly attracted a growing number of festivalgoers and was forced to move in 1995 to the current, no less attractive, “Ekbal” site.

The year 1997 saw the birth of a second stage, the appearance of the blues at Caribana and the creation of the first shuttle bus service. Attendance is growing, attaining 18’500 spectators in 2004. The milestone of 20’000 is reached the following year. This 15th edition offers for the first time four nights instead of three.

A year to remember. In 2009, the Caribana Festival achieved a record attendance with 32’000 spectators and three of its four nights were sold out.

The Caribana Festival, a human-sized festival and event where everyone can meet everyone, conveys above all a festive spirit that we can share with our friends in a relaxed atmosphere.
The structure for receiving the public got the 2006 price of “guide-festivals.com” for best welcome and best organisation and again for best organisation a year later.

Focusing on discoveries, the Caribana Festival is based on a modern and sometimes avant-garde musical approach. In addition, its spirit of innovation is also one of the characteristics of the festival.